MG Bonaire
Marjoleine Gramsma
Creations of Pearls
Crafted by our expert team of
designers just for you - You'll
love wearing these incredible
pearl designs! Exclusive and
unique designs to add just that
perfect dash of WOW!!!

Genuine pearls - Real beauty at
Unreal prices. Pearl Creations
combine the natural beauty of
pearls with our expert team's
years of design experience.

These creations have been
created to show off these
beautiful pearls! The unique
designs show off the natural
beauty of the pearls. In
addition the unique colors add
just that extra element of
luxury and fun!
We carry a wide variety  
of Pearls in our store in   
Main street 24
Kralendijk  Bonaire
Marjoleine at the Pearl farm
Kaya Grandi 24
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Pearls Boanire
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